Classroom Epiphanies: The True Volume of a Cube

The Fellowship is a grueling process. Even though they are up against a monstrous challenge, with the thought of giving up as a constant, nagging presence, our Fellows experience beautiful moments that remind them why the struggle is all worth it. Moments in which they learn from their students and grow in ways they hadn’t fathomed. Here, 2013 Fellow Hina Mesiya narrates an experience from her classroom. Hina teaches Math and Science to Middle School girls.

“One of my students had been absent from school, which caused me to find out why. I learned that her family had been evicted from their home without notice, and were hunting around for a new place. Once they found one, I went to visit. She was living in a building that was completely under construction. I would never go inside that building in normal circumstances. Her mother opened the door, I stepped inside. Upon her mother closing the door, I saw my student had practiced calculating the volume of a cube on the back of the door. I had taught her this the day before.

As soon as I saw that it really changed my perspective about what can happen and how these kids feel about education.”

The resilience of our students shines through despite their circumstances. It is these stories that remind us why we Teach For Pakistan.